Insurance Company Lev Ins AD has a two-tire management system, the management bodies are Supervisory Board and Management Board. The management team and the experts of the company are highly qualified with vast practical experience and prestigious education. 

Supervisory Board

Management board

Members: Pavel Dimitrov, Valentin Iliev, Miroslava Spasova, Vladislav Milev

Executive directors:

Valentin Iliev

Pavel Dimitrov

The main shareholder of Insurance company Lev Ins is Lev Corporation - a business group of over 90 companies from different sectors of the Bulgarian economy. Lev Corporation is a member of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a partner of leading Bulgarian manufacturers and trade companies. 

Among the other shareholders of Lev Ins are the Bulgarian company Cyber Level Ins Ltd., as well as the Israeli Rahiti Meir Classic ltd. In 2003 the joint venture between Rahiti Meir Classic ltd. and their Italian partner has been named the Number 1 investor in Bulgaria.

In 2010 Lev Ins has attracted the interest of new Israeli investors with significant insurance experience.