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Computer Security at Home

The innovative Computer Security at Home insurance is a wide-ranging solution. It includes Internet cyber protection and coverage against damage, loss or damage to regularly operated computer equipment and equipment, storage media and computer systems.

Who is the product for?

For all persons who wish to insure their computer equipment, as well as to use Internet safely. The policy is extremely suitable for parents who want to protect themselves and their children from harmful digital content.

Territorial coverage:

The insurance coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, with the possibility to negotiate extended coverage for the EU.

Bonus Safe Net service
  • Protection from harmful advertizing;
  • Protection from telemetry scripts;
  • Protection from blacklisted Internet addresses;
  • Protection from automated scripts and redirects to Internet addresses that are confirmed to contain harmful content.
What are the risks covered by Computer Security at Home?
  • The Insurer shall provide insurance coverage for electronic equipment used for its intended purpose against total loss or partial damage as a result of sudden and unpredictable occurrence of the risks:
  • Overvoltage, induction (magnetization), lightning strike (direct and indirect);
  • Short circuit / electric shock;
  • Flood as a result of an accident of water supply and sewerage systems or as a result of natural disasters.
  • Fire - covers damages due to fire and the consequences of extinguishing it, lightning (thunder, lightning), explosion and implosion, falling and collision with aircraft and parts thereof
  • Improper operation, leakage, errors (negligence) of service personnel and technological error in construction;
  • Burglary or armed robbery from the address specified in the insurance contract;
  • Damage or destruction in an accident;
  • The insurer provides cyber protection when using the Internet:
  • Protection from Internet addresses that are part of a blacklist;
  • Protection against malicious ads;
  • Protection against telemetry data exchange scripts;
  • Protection from sites with automated scripts and links to Internet addresses that have been found to contain malicious content.
Why to get insured?
  • Simplified procedure for concluding the insurance;
  • 24/7 protection for computer equipment;
  • Emergency phone line for assistance in case of a hacker attack;
  • Security for personal and official data and information;
  • Specialized software for filtering Internet traffic and blocking dangerous websites;
  • 2 Security Operation Centers - in Bulgaria and Israel.


0800 10 200

Frequently asked questions

Can I insure my laptop?

You can insure all types of computer configurations – laptops and desktops

Is it necessary to install specialized software on the device I insure?

No. Prevention is based on a client panel with pre-set policies for restriction of certain categories of web addresses.

Do I need such insurance if I do not store important data on my computer?

Even if you do not store any foreign data, your personal data and digital assets (photos, documents, intellectual property) must be protected at all times.

Why should I add the Safe Net coverage to my insurance?

Safe Net is additional coverage available for all individuals and legal entities. There are no specific requirements about the type of policy you have made with Lev Ins. You can request the coverage or inquire about it at any Lev Ins office or by contacting your insurance broker.

How is Safe Net protecting me?

Thanks to a specific filter that activates generally accepted security policies, access to harmful websites is restricted.

Who is deciding what content will be filtered?

All clients with Safe Net are given access to a client portal with predefined policies for restricting particular categories of web addresses. The Insured have complete control and can change these settings by adding and removing categories according to their needs and preferences. Clients can block and unblock websites, as well as predetermine time frames for particular websites to be accessible.

Changing the settings is a fast and easy process. Our specialists will assist you when necessary.

How reliable is Safe Net solution?

The filtrating technology for Internet addresses is one of the most effective defenses due to the fact that it uses an international database which is real-time updated and synchronized with all antivirus software database, as well as with international cybersecurity centers in the U.S., Israel, and Russia, including the Russian Federal Security Service (a member of The Information Security of the Russian Banking System Organization).

What should I do if I become a victim of a cyber attack?

Urgently contact our 24/7 Security Operational Center at 0800 10 200. Our specialists will offer you full assistance.