Foreign Markets | Lev Ins
In the beginning of 2018, for the purpose of prevention and protection of its customers, Insurance Company “Lev Ins” opened representative offices in Italy, Romania, Germany, and the UK with emergency telephone numbers for the respective countries. The purpose of these partnerships is to assist in the occurrence of road traffic accidents in these countries. Each of the participants in the incident can get help on the emergency telephones.
Our local representatives are qualified and experienced and cooperate with the parties from the moment the event occurs until payment of compensation to the injured. From them you can receive legal advice as well as complete document service with the local institutions. The agents of Insurance Company “Lev Ins” can also help you in any incident situation that is related to the accident.

As follows:

  • Italy: + 800 200 666; +39 06 200 77; +39 349 24 66 511

  • Romania: +40 23 0 23 99 33

  • Germany: +49 27362009860

  • United Kingdom: +44 777 222 21 44

Opening representative offices in other European countries is forthcoming.