Our History | Lev Ins


Emergency Line

Lev Ins opens a 24/7 emergency line – a joint project with German partners. This project aims to provide full support and assistance to its clients in critical situations and unfamiliar environments. This ensures reliable and comprehensive care everywhere and at any time.


Active Corporate Insurance

The model implies that every employee is part of the company’s move towards its goals. Innovative approach and forward thinking help us to respond to the rapidly changing environment.


The Leader in the market

The company becomes the leader in the insurance market in Bulgaria in the competition of Allianz, KBC,UNIQA, Generally, Vienna Insurance Group and other leading insurers. Lev Ins decided to expand its activities within a number of EU countries, including Romania, Italy, England, Austria and Poland.


Air Rescue

Lev Ins introduced Air Rescue service and continues to be the only insurer in the country that offers it. Lev Ins is cooperating with the National Emergency line – 112 with the mission to preserve the individual’s life. The idea belongs to one of our shareholders Gabriel Last, former Head of the Israeli police.


Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance

Lloyd’s once again uses Lev Ins as a fronting company for this insurance because of the Israeli know-how related to the risk management. Object of the insurance are journalists, military and representatives of humanitarian organizations in risk areas.


Active Corporate Security model

The company accepted the concept of the environmental impact and moved from reactive to active behavior. Lev Ins no longer adapts to the environment, it impacts the environment.


Terrorism Insurance

Lev Ins was chosen as a fronting company by Lloyd’s due to successfully implementation of the Israeli Model. Lev Ins insured many government institutions, including The Council of Ministers, The Parliament and others, Big Industrial Centers /Shopping Malls, etc./.


Innovation for theft control

Implementation of a technological innovation system for risk control “theft” with almost 100% success, which is a competitive advantage today. This system has been implemented thanks to Israeli experience and know-how following a comprehensive training of our experts in MASHAV program of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


License renewal

Following the adoption of the new Insurance Act, the license of Lev Ins was renewed. Among the 100 bidders, only 20 companies were licensed and Lev Ins was one of them.


Lev Ins was established

The company was created with the capital of Israeli investors. Investors decide to develop their financial business in Europe and use Bulgaria as a “Hub”. The company is founded by world-renowned security experts.

Now And In Future

  • Lev Ins is a leader in the Bulgarian Insurance market.
  • Security is a major focus in today’s world and therefore the Israeli know-how in the field can be useful to the insurance industry in Europe.
  • Even today, General Danny Yatom continues to be a consultant on a number of security-related projects such as providing large Cyber ​​Security and big industrial buildings.
  • The company has a long-term credit rating BB which is given by the Bulgarian Credit Rating Agency – affiliated partner of MOODY’S.
  • In order to satisfy the needs of its customers in the fast-growing world, the company switches to digital service and marketing that is absolutely customercentric.