The Ministry of Education and Science and Lev Ins with a common goal

19 яну, 2022

The cybersecurity expert Yavor Kolev, who is director of IT and Cybersecurity at Lev Ins, was a guest on NOVA News program Social Network. Together with the expert from the Ministry of Education and Science Tatiana Predova, he explained to the audience the purpose of the social campaign "Protect the child on the Internet" as well as ways to protect from the various threats posed by cyberspace for children.

Predova highlighted that the Ministry of Education and Science supports the campaign because the problems of children on the Internet are growing and they need to be given serious attention. She added that the campaign is aimed at both parents and children. Then, Predova clarified that children's media literacy is key to protecting children from online dangers. In addition, she declared: "Parents need to monitor their children and take an interest in their social media profiles. They should check whether children use fake data in their profiles because that makes them most vulnerable.".

Yavor Kolev said that the platform created especially for the campaign has a lot of useful information and everyone should visit it to understand what are the serious threats for children and how they can be avoided. In addition, the information on the website is constantly updated in order to inform everyone about the latest trends in cyberbullying and the ways to counteract it. A calendar of the campaign events will also be uploaded soon on the website