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ZK LEV INS AD employs a two-tier organizational hierarchy consisting of a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors. The management team and the company experts are renowned specialists with vast experience and impressive educational background.

Supervisory Board

Board of Directors
Chairlady of the Board of Directors: Maria Maslarova – Garkova

Members: Miroslava Spasova, Pavel Dimitrov, Spaska Shtereva, Galabin Galabov

Executive Directors:

Maria Maslarova – Garkova

Pavel Dimitrov

Galabin Galabov


The majority shareholder of ZK LEV INS AD is Lev Corporation AD, a group of over 90 companies from different spheres of the Bulgarian economy. Lev Corporation is a member of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is an active partner to many leading Bulgarian manufacturing and trade companies.

The Bulgarian AS BG EOOD and the Israeli Rahiti Meir Classic, which in a partnership with an Italian entrepreneur, was named as a foreign investor No. 1 in Bulgaria for 2003, are also among the shareholders of ZK LEV INS AD.

In 2010 ZK LEV INS AD has gained the investment interest of new Israeli shareholders with a vast experience in the insurance business.