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Social Responsibility

imgp8427„Active Care“

The Active Care Project started in June of 2014 and is the result of the public-private partnership between the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Active Security Club and the financial support of ZK Lev Ins AD.

Active Care is designed to support government efforts in the field of first aid and medical assistance by medical teams operating in accordance with the European model. Its objectives include providing access to first aid to more people in Bulgaria, to provide adequate help on the scene of as much accidents as possible, and to expand the current capacity and capabilities of providing such help. Active Care provides airborne and road-based assistance via a fleet of helicopters, countrywide ambulance networks and mobile teams trained by the Bulgarian Red Cross to administer first aid.

Active Care provides first aid and medical assistance to victims of traffic accidents, workplace accidents, household accidents, illnesses and accidents taking place in Bulgaria’s mountain and seaside resorts.

During the past year the airborne ambulances of Lev Ins were deployed following several serious accidents that took place in the mountains near Bansko and played a key role in saving people’s lives.

Taking the Active Care project further, we started offering the Active Care Insurance Package which costs BGN 6 to purchase and provides road-based and/or airborne transport assistance.

Training Mountain Rescue Specialists

Lev Ins was the first insurance company in Bulgaria to start investing money and effort in training airborne and ground-based mountain rescue teams. It pioneered the implementation and development of airborne mountain rescue services in Bulgaria. Last year the company organized training seminars and exhibitions for the officers of the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) stationed in the largest Bulgarian winter resorts such like Bansko, Pamporovo, Panichishte, and Vitosha. The objective of these events was to introduce as many MRS officers as possible to the capabilities airborne rescue operations offer, and to help them develop working chemistry with the helicopter pilots employed by Active Care.

Teteven Volley   

Supported by ZK Lev Ins AD Teteven Volley’s men’s team had a very good season. Thanks to a series of wins the team made it to the Final 8 and earned a spot in the playoffs of Bulgaria’s Superleague.

ЗК „Лев Инс“ АД застана зад инициативата на в. “Стандарт”, които дариха своите читатели с Тефтерчето на Васил Левски. Фотокопие от личния бележник на Дякона бе издадено по повод 143 години от обесването му.

lev-ins-sponsor-karate-1In 2007 the city of Varna hosted the World Karate Championship. LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY pitched in BGN 150 000 to help with the organization of the event. Returning the favor, the Bulgarian athletes won a whole heap of medals. The World Karate Championship that was held in the Palace of Sports and Culture in Bulgaria s Seaside Capital, the city of Varna, was a roaring success. Over 500 competitors from as many as 26 countries fought on the tatami in the various styles and weight divisions, from 8-year-olds to experienced veterans.


The Bulgarian National Karate Federation

ZK Lev Ins AD has been the main sponsor of the Bulgarian National Karate Federation since 2006.

In 2015 the company continued to play a role in the creation of stars athletes and valued Bulgarian citizens. Supported by ZK Lev Ins AD a female karate fighter represented Bulgaria at the first European Olympic Games held in Baku which were considered as indication that karate will soon join the family of Olympic sports.

In 2015, with ZK Lev Ins AD’s support, the fighters of the Bulgarian National Karate Federation won many medals from prestigious European and World competitions.

The Bulgarian National Kempo Federation (BulKempo)

ZK Lev Ins provided support for the Bulkempo First International Masterclass Seminar. The event was organized in conjunction with the Taekwondo Federation of Vietnam to train Bulgarian kempo instructors.

ZK Lev Ins AD became the general sponsor of PFC Levski in a very difficult period for the team. The reasons for this partnership are sentimental and go all the way back to the time the insurance company was established. Lev Ins has helped many sports clubs in the past and the emphasis has always been on developing children and young athletes.
The partnership between ZK Lev Ins AD and PFC Levski is no exception. We have paid special attention to the development of the club’s children’s and youth’s teams in the hope that one day some of these young athletes may find a place on the first team.
Unlike the usual practice with this type of partnerships, ZK Lev Ins AD introduced a new incentive model based on achieving excellent results.

The Association of Automobile Importers in conjunction with LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY and the Traffic Police launched a nationwide campaign entitled Save the Child to raise awareness and bring down the number of children dying in traffic accidents. Special road signs were installed at and around 67 schools, and 27 kindergartens in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas to improve safety -. 27 schools and 2 kindergartens are in Sofia, 16 schools in Plovdiv, 11 in Varna, and 11 still in Bourgas. Apart from improving safety around schools, the campaign attempted to raise awareness by distributing visual materials in the public transportation system, in car dealerships members of the Association of Automobile Importers, and in the offices of LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY throughout the country. The funding required to fuel the project till 2010 (500 000 Bulgarian Leva) will be donated from the Prevention Fund of LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY. The project will benefit schools and kindergartens located in traffic hotspots throughout the country.

Bulgaria’s Sports Miracles   

ZK Lev Ins AD joined Standard News’ campaign entitled Bulgaria’s Sports Miracles which aimed to provide support to young prospects from various sports across the country. Thanks to the campaign 100 of Bulgaria’s top athletes received support and recognition.

Help for flood victims

The shareholders, management and employees of „LEV INS” AD INSURANCE COMPANY expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims of the disasters in Central and Northeast Bulgaria in June 2014. The company sent emergency assistance teams in the most affected areas in order to provide help to the victims and to mitigate the damages. The company proceeded with advance payment of insurance compensation immediately after the flood and opened telephone hotline for reporting of endangered people and damages.
The „LEV INS” AD INSURANCE COMPANY declared immediately its readiness to react with the medical helicopter in case of need. The company sent the air ambulance in order to assist in the search of a missing family after the Devin flood.

LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY has always been patron of sports. For years we have been the main sponsor of the women’s basketball team of Levski Stpartak. With the help of LEV INS AD and thanks to the efforts of the team’s talented Head Coach, Mrs. Tina Dimitrova, Levski Spartak won the silver medals at the Bulgarian Cup Tournament in 2005.

pametnici-na-vasil-levskiThe monuments of Vassil Levski in the Capital City and in his hometown, Karlovo, were fitted with artistic illumination with the financial assistance of LEV INS AD to commemorate the 133rd anniversary of his death.

familiya-tonika-za-10-godini-lev-insTo celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Familia Toniaka and the 10th anniversary of its incorporation, LEV INS AD INSURANCE COMPANY sponsored their nationwide tour. People from 30 cities in Bulgaria were given the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs live in the town squares.