Scratch cards - Active care | Lev Ins

Scratch cards are an alternative way for selling Active Care and represent an insurance certificate.

Scratch cards are offered in 3 options:

pink scratch card with basic coverage and a price of BGN 6.00 tax included.

blue scratch card with full coverage and a price of BGN 18.00 tax included.

white scratch card with premium coverage including Hospital-Based Medical Care and a price of BGN 49.00 tax included.


Basic insurance coverage: accident, as a result of traffic accident and injury of any kind suffered by the insured person away from home.

Full insurance coverage: accident of any type, acute illnesses described in the Special Conditions.

Premium insurance coverage including Hospital-Based Medical Care: accident of any type, acute illnesses described in the Special Conditions.

Scratch cards are not registered. They have a seven-digit personal serial number. The serial numbers of the pink cards of BGN 6.00 start with the digit 3, those of BGN 18.00 start with the digit 5, and those of BGN 49. 00 start with digit 7. Each card has a scratch box hiding additional unique eight-digit number used for activation by the client.

The insurance coverage is valid only after activating the scratch card! It is recommended to activate the scratch card immediately after purchase.

The activation procedure is as follows: the client calls 0800 10 200 and reports his full name, Personal ID number, certificate number and the number of the scratch field.

The card is valid for 12 months from date of activation and shall be kept until expiration of the insurance.

Scratch cards can be purchased from all Lev Ins ofices. You can find Active care scratch cards also in the mountain resorts of Pamporovo, Bansko, Dobrinishte and Panichishte.