Mountaineering | Lev Ins

The mountaineering insurance policy by ZK LEV INS AD offers security and reliable protection in the event of an accident or an acute illness during recreation, hiking, or when practicing amateur winter sports up in the mountains.
The insurance product is offered for both Bulgarian and foreign citizens and it may be an individual, family or a group insurance policy.
The basic insurance coverage offers the following benefits for the insured:

Costs incurred for the search, rescue and transport operations performed by the Mountain Rescue Service (ПСС, Bul.) at the BULGARIAN RED CROSS (БЧК, Bul.), as a result of an accident or an acute illness. The help offered by the BRC includes tracking and reaching the insured individual caught in a dangerous and critical situation with the possibility of transportation and provisioning of medical aid at the nearest base or PRS post regardless of the season;
The cost of the medical help – examinations, tests, surgical and medical care – paid for by the insured for the out-patient or hospital treatment performed as a result of an accident or an acute illness.
The additional coverage of the insurance policy includes compensation in the case of the death of the insured, resulting from an accident in the mountains.

The Mountaineering Insurance combined with the Active Care Insurance by LEV INS, Guarantees the maximum protection level in the mountains for you and for your family!