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Site Terms and Conditions


The Internet site of ZK Lev Ins AD was created to inform visitors about the products and services offered by the insurance company and the entities from the Lev Ins Group.


Legal Information

By accessing the corporate Internet site of ZK Lev Ins AD you accept and agree with the terms and conditions for its use. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them in detail.

Lev Ins reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions hereunder without prior notice.


  • The content of this site is copyrighted. Any use and/or publishing of information, photographs and data contained on the site of Lev Ins in public media outlets shall require the naming of the original source.
  • The trademarks and logos as well as the content of lev-ins.com are property of ZK Lev Ins AD. Any reproduction, recording, or copying of such shall take place only with the prior knowledge and written consent of ZK Lev Ins AD.
  • ZK Lev Ins AD reserves the right to update the information and change the content and design of its corporate site lev-ins.com without prior notice.




ZK Lev Ins AD shall not be liable for:

  • Damages arising from disruption, disconnection of slow internet service or any other reasons.
  • Damages, expenses and/or loss caused by the use or the inability to use materials contained on this site.

ZK Lev Ins AD reserves the right to deny access to its site to anyone at any time should it deem that that its site is being used by the particular party in a manner which contradicts these Terms and Conditions or is otherwise damaging.


Terms of Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection

ZK Lev Ins AD warrants that your personal data will be processed in a way that protects your privacy to the fullest extent.

ZK Lev Ins AD is licensed to handle personal data pursuant to Certificate No. 49031 issued by the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

Personal data is collected, stored and processed by ZK Lev Ins AD in order to make it possible for the company to conduct its business operations. The manner in which this is done is in strict compliance with the provisions of the applicable Law and the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA);

The personal data collected and processed by ZK Lev Ins AD in its capacity of Personal data administrator may be provided to third parties only in strict compliance with the provisions of the PDPA.

Persons whose personal data is processed by ZK Lev Ins AD are entitled:

  • To access the personal data processed by the Insurer that pertains to them and to request for it to be amended;
  • To object to their personal data being processed in accordance with the provisions of Article 34а, Par. 2 of the PDPA.


Registration and Restricted Access to ZK Lev Ins AD’s Site

Visitors to ZK Lev Ins AD’s site can register by filling out the registration form provided on ZK Lev Ins AD’s site or sign in through a social networking site.

Once a visitor has completed his registration form and the data provided in it has been verified, the visitor will receive a confirmation message at the e-mail address he has provided.

ZK Lev Ins AD reserves the right to restrict the access to its site or sections thereof to visitors whose behavior constitutes a breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use or violates the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


User Rights and Responsibilities

Users shall:

  • Register and use only one user account at ZK Lev Ins AD’s site.
  • Have the right to access, update and correct their registration data and information contained in the My Profile section of the site of ZK Lev Ins AD.
  • Have the right to order more than one insurance product through one and the same account.
  • Have the right to terminate their registration at any time by informing the Site’s administrator of their wish.


Users shall not:

  • Use the accounts of other registered users or give third parties access to their own account.
  • Create additional accounts to abuse the functionalities of ZK Lev Ins AD’s site or other users.

Users shall protect their password and any other information paramount to the security of their account and shall not disclose it to anyone.

ZK Lev Ins AD is not liable for any misuse, disclosure or loss of data arising from non-compliance with the requirements stated in the preceding sentence.

The Company reserves the right to terminate, at its own discretion, any and all user accounts without prior notice if it has determined that a particular user has more than one registration and/or customer account.

  • ZK Lev Ins AD’s site uses Cookies. By using its site, you accept and agree to that.

Contact, Notices, Notifications, Questions

  • ZK Lev Ins AD is entitled to contact its customers and the users of its site by mail, e-mail, SMS, pop-up message or by phone, or inform them of anything by publishing the particular information on the Company’s site.