The helicopter of Active Care was sent for a man heavily suffered in the heat | Lev Ins
The helicopter of Active Care saves a man injured during a work accident
The helicopter of Active Care rescue a diver with a heart attack while diving

The helicopter of Active Care was sent for a man heavily suffered in the heat

Elderly man was saved thanks to the quick actions of ground and aerial units of Active Care Insurance. At about 06:00 PM on Thursday, the victim was walking in the Sea Garden in Varna, when he felt sick and fell unconscious to the ground. Witnesses of the incident call an ambulance. The medical team of Active Care Insurance arrives literally minutes after the incident. Doctors concluded that the elderly man was in critical condition and the medical helicopter was sent immediately. Within minutes the air ambulance of Active Care of Lev Ins was flying towards the site of the accident. The man was resuscitated, boarded on the helicopter and taken to the nearest hospital for placing under special medical care.
Fortunately, this scenario is only a demonstration, which was held at the Sea Garden of Varna. A similar incident could happen anytime, anywhere. The aim of the demonstration is to show the activities and coordination between ground and air teams in a real rescue operation.
The event is organized by the Active Security Club and run under the Active Care Project, which was developed jointly by the Bulgarian Red Cross and Heli Air, with the support of Lev Ins.
“We are trying to be more beneficial and close to people with the unique Active Care Insurance, which was developed with the assistance of Lev Ins and provides first aid according to an European model. The active care is rendered by taxi drivers trained for paramedics, private ambulances with medical teams, and include a medical helicopter in life-threatening situations. The cost of insurance is BGN 6.00 per year. You understand that this is a symbolic amount in comparison to the thousands of dollars spent for medical assistance by air”, said Mr. Pavel Dimitrov, member of the Managing Board of Lev Ins Insurance Company.

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